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Chemical Castration or Who Do We Blame For Delhi Rape?

Human fear and courage are selfish by the definition and they are always balanced to protect personal integrity. Motivation to protect own safety usually makes us follow fear and we tend to not speak publicly or engage. Excuse is that ‘we can not do anything about it anyway so why expose ourselves unnecessarily’, isn’t it so? It takes sometimes a very strong message to motivate us to act courageously. But in the end, our courage to react is motivated by a fear from seeing again, closer to us, what we have seen happen to one of us.

…Do we have a right to wonder why the gang of man thought that it is acceptable to grab and violate random woman? If they have been exposed to a social teaching and dominant opinion that woman is a property of man, therefore can be treated in what ever way he chooses to treat his property? Add to it hormones doing their job like in all young people, ‘boy’s talk’ and sharing their sexual desires and frustrations that can leave the group highly eroticized, and sex is not accessible…

Without any intention to excuse rapists for one second, but aren’t we all product of social psychopathology that we are exposed to?

On one we agree: we DO chose our behaviour up to certain extent.
But think about this if you are, for instance, white male, who is proud of the rights your grandfathers already granted to women, and who thinks that he deserves credits and awards for not beating your wife or cutting off her nose and ears if she tries to escape from your tyranny:
If you by chance happened to be born and raised somewhere else, and thought from childhood that it’s your duty to discipline woman when she is disobedient, ask yourself how easy would be for you to behave differently? Furthermore, how many of you guys who think that you are treating your wives equally is really not abusing any social advantages available for you? Objectively, advantages are available for you to take them if you want them, social advantages and opportunities to take more and better of life for yourself, and you can, without problems, get away with it. In every culture, in every continent, you still have to choose not to abuse. Yet, you do have that choice. As you will not be disrespected socially if your wife goes out in a mini skirt or if she leaves you and divorces you. You will still have a respect from other guys in your gang and no one will despise you if you’re cooking or washing dishes. Even opposite – people will see you as a correct person. But remember, just some 30 years ago you would have been teased and called a wimp for doing “woman’s jobs” or not displaying your macho authority over your woman.
In the end, if you are completely honest, how many of you who are openly pro equality still say sometimes, packed into a theatrical tone like you are joking, but not very clear of what position are you sincerely holding, how many of you sometimes say, with a theatrical nostalgia, something about ‘good old times of undisputed male domination’? Not that it’s really behind us yet, is it?

But here, in India, we LIVE in the ‘good old times’.
In some schools that are considered desirable, I heard, they admit only children whose mother is a home-maker, as they want to assure that homework will be supervised. “Your mother has to work? It’s not good for you and you are not good for our school, my boy.” That’s the social value that they promote in their classrooms as well, I guess.
Girls who are attending that school are being as well educated to become home-makers when they grow up.

If we put too much poisons into our body it can develop cancer, a malignant tissue. Available treatments are chemotherapy and operation. When we put too much poison in our mind, what do we do with malignant ideas?

In all events and gatherings following this monstrous attack, in all public and social media, we see people in rage, demanding death penalty, chemical castration and suggesting many other kinds of physical punishments for men who participated in this act. Violence we learnt about gives birth to the violence in us. And we feel like they should experience same kind of pain and fear they made another human being experience. But if we decide on that, whose job is then to perform that violence on the convicted ones? Would I be the one? And who is then supposed to punish ME for inflicting harm to another human? Or shall we collect and employ a bunch of psychopaths to execute the dirty work that we (as no one in particular but as a ‘society’, everybody, which means not me) decide to perform on a member that most of us agreed deserves it?

Before crucifying these men we have to give ourselves an answer are we crucifying them for the rape or for an example? Example that is supposed to make us see own hands as little less dirty in this case?

Those men should, of course, be removed from the society and locked down in prison for the rest of their life. They took away life and future of a human being. They should not get a chance to ever live free and fulfilled life. Furthermore, it’s an act of ferocious misogyny which reveals that those people have unacceptable social views and society has to make a clear statement about it. Social influences can not excuse what someone has done with own hands.
But to prescribe harsher punishment to set an example, and therefore intentionally ignore responsibilities of the society in large and it’s ruling government in this case, would be again setting the same example of public uncritical cruelty to what someone finds socially unacceptable?
Next thing will be to promote cutting off tongue for using inappropriate language with the woman. No one should use inappropriate language with anyone, but are we going to start cutting off tongues? Shall we cut off hands for stealing and noses for mixing in others’ personal affairs?

Rule no 1 in diplomacy: What ever happens – use it to strengthen your position of power.
Rule no 2: If nothing is happening that you can use to strengthen your position – make it happen.

In some weird way, a punishment that would be harsh beyond what we humans should feel that we have a right to impose on each others, in some weird way that kind of punishment would give even more legality to what is happening on daily basis to millions of women. Punishing culprits in this case as they are some strange alien monsters that come straight from the universe with their ultra right ideas (hence the society has taken it’s action by prescribing harsh punishment for this and future cases of this kind), will not eliminate the fear as it will not eliminate gang rapes.
By presenting and promoting it as a necessity to protect them from those and such kind of gangs and individuals, society will claim the right to expect from a woman even grater submission to social oppression. That in result will provide even more privacy to what is happening behind closed door. And that seams to be a goal of some people who hold significant power in India, at least according to their social views presented in their public statements.

Culture of Rape
And guess who is to blame?

Their sisters and daughters are not in danger. That is because they are behaving properly: They don't move by buss in a late hours dressed for summer weather. They have a car and the driver.
The worst thing is that these are not the worst.

Yes, we all agree that rape is unacceptable. At least publicly. (Except in some extreme views, if you read quoted article) But it is happening every day, under which ever name those who are creating social approval for it can invent in order to give themselves right. Violence and abuse are being approved socially in so many cultures, under so many self-proclaimed authorities, and rules on indefinite basis re-affirmative for those in power. Women can only beg for mercy and hope that it it will be granted. She basically has to prove that she wasn't provoking the rape, which is close to impossible considering that showing one's ankle is considered a provocation. 
Around here every man has a possibility to rape and molest SOME woman (maybe not every woman, but if he wants, he can find more then one available and unprotected) without social consequences, which is basically a definition for the right.
Right – social consensus on what you can do with yourself and to other people, without negative social or legal attitude towards it and without legal consequences (with rights, we were thought, come certain obligations. And obligations that follow this right are unheard of, to which we will arrive later)

We are all screaming loudly around the case where a group of young man took that right (right of a man to impose himself sexually to a woman) in a little bit wider meaning then socially accepted. We needed to see the extreme of what we are all closing our eyes to, before starting to freak out as it finally applies to us as well (without trying to promote the concept of necessary sacrifices and their social consequences which is disgusting as those who are abusing it).

Do we have a right to wonder why the gang of man thought that it is acceptable to grab and violate random woman? If they have been exposed to a social teaching and dominant opinion that woman is a property of man, therefore can be treated in what ever way he chooses to treat his property? Add to it hormones doing their job like in all young people, ‘boy’s talk’ and sharing desires and frustrations that can leave the group highly eroticized, and sex is not accessible…

So when you see nobody’s property (especially if ‘you’ means plural, which adds a feeling of no individual responsibility for the act, which again makes it easier to a human mind to see it as acceptable), available in the open wildness after the time that decency prescribes for a woman, without presence or sufficient protection of her ‘owner’ (it’s enough to be unmarried to qualify for the victim), it is your right to claim her as your own property. (Like a bench in the park) Yet, as chances are bad that she will anyhow became your permanent property (you can sit on it but can’t take the bench home, someone will come and claim it), you have a right to use it and then devastate it, as after you have used it, it (the woman) anyway becomes useless for anyone else as a property. And from your point of view which makes it OK to do that to a human, is the fact that that human is a woman, therefore her life doesn’t count. Not to mention that hurting her can not turn back to you. She has no means to defend herself, so why wouldn’t you take your frustrations on her life? She was anyway testing her destiny by staying outside without enough male escort after decent time.

It happens every day, to the enormous number of girls. And how does society deal with it?

To be continued…

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