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THE TRUE CREATIONIST SCIENCE or why "When Jesus Came Into my life everything went better and better..."?

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And... consider this the last post of an ex non-believer...

Just few days ago I got converted again. That seams to happen every time I bump in to a profound scripture that moves me deeply and touches my heart as nothing before did. But this time it’s final. Because it's based on SCIENCE!!!

At last someone has managed to hunt down the fear in me, as I managed to find on the internet list of scientific proofs that there is a place called HELL! 

This well grounded article bases its credibility on a testimony of Dr. Maurice Rawlings, cardiologist, who reported nearly 700 near death experiences he encountered during his practice of which records could be found on as many as 21 and wrote several books about the nature of Christian hell based on their reports. 

Being an ex atheist according to own testimony, good doctor had changed his mind after listening to their screams and seeing horror of hell in their eyes, in the short moments when they would wake up from the cardiac arrest and state of deep unconsciousness, and as many times as they would wake up, while he was on them performing a resurrection.

In his books and studies this brave professional described the nature of hell that appeared from the devastated eyes of his cases. 
The devoted atheist and medical scientist then started to look for the references on a word "hell" in scientific literature and research studies and he happened to find not so many, except in research documentary called New Testament (written by a group of experts some time between year 100 and 300, so the truth about what they discovered must be explained to you by this guy) where he found no less then 162. He also discovered that over 70 of those references were made by the character called Lord Jesus Christ. 

He searched even deeper and found the supporting theory in a scientific document The Old Testament

The amazing discovery was that the nature of hell described by witnesses in those scriptures were matching those images of burning fire he saw in his dying patients. 

Reading more carefully mentioned document he also managed to find indications about the placement of hell and found it 100% accurate from the point of view of modern astronomy and which again was compatible to his case studies.
He concluded in his book that, according to his patient's testimonies, "this place must be UNDERGROUND or WITHIN THE EARTH... in some way".

Now, Dr. Rawling's evidence wouldn't be enough for a skeptic like me. But a look further back into history of science reveals more proofs.

Scientist and Bible teacher Henry Morris also agrees that hell is a place inside the centre of the Earth and argues that the space is big enough to have been able to serve all the sinners ever lived, proving it with the equation in which size of the spiritual body would equal the size of the physical body of the deceased.  

With the reference to latest discoveries in astronomy, namely to the article published in Birmingham News not long ago, on April 10 1987. and which reveals the hot new truth about the Earth's inner core's temperature, Morris concludes that it matches conditions described in bible as a situation in hell. 

Reading further the New Testament it is easy to understand that the soul actually arrives there trough places of leak - kind of wholes in the Earth's crust placed smartly by god under the deep sea which is probably needed for the cooling-down effect. 

Number of evidence follow, including some more revelations from the book and matching examples of existing animal species. Evidence also involve all mentions of the word hell ever made to exploit its symbolic meaning. 

But the most convincing and purely horrifying evidence of hell, which no one should miss exploring, is the sound recording of the voices from hell, recorded in Siberia, that the uncle of one listener of a local religious radio (according to this listener's testimony) made during his research and it's available for download on same page. 

Do not miss to hear it, as after listening I was fully convinced. In following I learned that hell is for ever and... I mean - take a look, really!

Creationist science

Now, when I understood what horror might happen to me if the Christian god interpreted by those prominent thinkers by chance exists, I wouldn’t dare disbelieving in him any more. Better safe then sorry, right? 

And I realized trough instant revelation that I urgently need a god. In a trans of that moment I typed in my browser "I need god!"

And there it popped up. The solution!

As a new fanatic believer, which I became after receiving empirical proofs for existence of hell, I consider my duty to spread the word that has reached to me, with its pin-point targeted teachings, of how to avoid the eternity in hell and attempt to convert all of you today.

I have added some free comments and explanations to the original text with the intention to help less educated ones understand better the deep meanings behind all statements and why are certain parts so touching.

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I mean really – do you need a god? You have to first ask yourself that question. 
Look at me – I think I always needed god. And I still need the god. 
I also need a breast-reduction operation and esthetic procedure for my face. I need postgraduate diploma and a second car. 
But I always needed god to fix the injustice I had to witness wherever I turned my head. 

Now I understand why the injustice, why this madness 

is still there: 
I haven’t had found god yet. Now, as I found ‘him’ I feel like a newborn blind. The injustice has simply vanished and it’s a miracle. 

I found ‘him’ and world looks suddenly just like it’s supposed to be.

How do you like the concept?
Do you think that you as well started to need god? 

Looking for someone who’s selling one?

To find out if you need God, you must ask yourself some very important questions.

   Are you a good person... by God's standards?

   And if so... are you good enough to go to heaven?

   Do you think by chance that you CAN be good enough?

You can establish it easily by consulting our experts

for free online conversion. 

No, they will not have the god displayed for you (out of stock I guess). But they’ll be willing to explain why you should buy him now and they’ll be more then willing to sell you one  (you pay all your life - delivery time the day you die).
So how will they do it? 

When we exempt the question whether there is a god, assuming that the answer is yes, what appears to be the question is whether you NEED 'HIM'.

If you answer the list of 10 questions regarding issues like whether you’re obeying some commandments and respecting religious duties (such is reading bible, going to church and giving money for charity), and click for the score, you will find out that you are sinful. You will also learn why it is impossible to score 10 in righteousness (and be innocent) by the definition.

No matter what you think or do, and however much you try, you can never be righteous due to the mistake in the intelligent design (of which god is aware and that’s why he mercifully ‘did what he did’) – namely – ‘God knows that we are not capable of keeping the first commandment.’ And he feels personally responsible. 

Also, you can never be righteous because going to church, reading bible and especially doing charity, do not buy you any credits with god. Basically, if you are doing it, it means zero. If you are not doing it, then it’s a minus, which in a final sum mean the same sentence… HELL!!!

Next, and what ever your score counts to be (I scored just five and I bet no one can score more then that), you will be asked what you think you deserve – heaven or hell. Try choosing both options. Both will lead to the conclusion that you deserve hell, that you are sinful by default and that you DO need god and both will open the following page

What God Did (check the link or read further)

All ears? Now turn on your brain and open your mind, as you're going to need it!

Tink of it this way... Imagine you're in a courtroom again, you're guilty of many serious crimes.

Why would I imagine myself guilty of any serious crimes? I never committed any neither I am planning to. Do you have some analogy that I can fit in? This one is for criminals.

The judge says, "It's a fine of $500,000, or prison.
What is the jurisdiction under which this process is being held? What serious, multiple law offenders are being offered such options and where? And remind me to stay away from that place.
" You don't have anywhere near that amount of money,
This message is for ones who don’t have money to bail them selves out of social consequences for their crimes. Others don’t have to bother I guess…
so the bailiff begins to walk you out of the courtroom
Very dramatic moment in deed. You can really see yourself lost without money and power to escape consequences and punishment for atrocities that you’ve committed…
when someone you don't even know appears.
Just as happens on a daily basis in a real life to the real people, doesn’t it? Someone who we never met before (though we might have been told that no one has ever met him before either), appears to get us out of trouble that we found ourselves in doing bad (I mean REALLY BAD) things.
He runs up to the judge with a check and says, "I've paid the fine for you."
Hey, let’s return to the beginning. Payed for what? What did I do in a first place? What is the serious crime I had committed and am being on a trial for? Rape, murder, mass-murder, war-crime…?
Now that the fine has been paid, the law no longer has any hold on you.
Yes. I have heard of such cases. It’s called corruption if I remember well. Are you offering same abolition for all future crimes committed AGAINST me as well?
You're free -- because of the gift you were given.
Shall we summarize to size the gift proposed?
You, an unworthy filthy criminal, will not suffer the deserved punishment because an anonymous guy (who obviously has personal affection for criminals), came to give money to the judge (society) and society has given up its duty to protect the right of your victims to justice in exchange for that money.
This is what God did for you by sending Jesus to die on the cross in your place.
Oh yes: in fact, he already deposited the bail for you and it’s just waiting for you to commit your crimes. And he didn’t actually make a payment himself. Well, he did – if you believe that one’s children are one’s possessions.
So that you wouldn't have to go to Hell,
God made both you and the first commandment. He had made a mistake when creating you and if he wouldn’t have done anything to save you from the deserved punishment for his own mistake, you would have to go to hell. 

God doesn’t want you to go to hell for his mistake, but first commandment is first commandment. The fact that you are not capable for something is not exculpatory and someone still has to pay for it, or god would suffer terribly. That’s why
God sent his only Son, Jesus,
The one that he imposed on an innocent virgin to give birth to. He did that because god is a man(!)

I wouldn’t be able to understand what this obsession with virgins is all about. But I am a woman and a newborn believer, and I understand now that it’s my inferior brain, given to me by god because of the inferior position he designed me for, that creates obstacle for me to understand male virgin obsession and other god’s directions.
to die on the cross -- suffering the punishment that justice demands.
Justice for the crime of not being created with the ability to fulfill the first commandment.
Basically, to not have to punish you for having made you imperfect he decided to make a son, kill him, and in such way prove to you that fact?
Then He rose from the grave, forever defeating death!
No. It didn’t happen yesterday. And it didn’t happen ever again after that one time that was witnessed by other characters mentioned in a story. We have solid profs in documents made by innocent bystanders few hundreds years later.
The Bible tells us, "For God so loved the world,
No Bible doesn't mention any slaughters of innocents. And even if it does, those are just proofs of love god has been sending to us if we decide to believe so. So much love described here is almost unbearable for the one who feels it. God was torn out and tortured by it…
that He gave His only begotten Son,
He could have made as many sons as he wanted with as many virgins as he would have chosen to, but he never repeated unprotected virtual sex again, thus he remained childless after he murdered this one.
And why for god’s sake such an insemination on that exact point of history? 
Doesn’t god know what he is doing here? What was the purpose of that one-time experiment? Like, why didn’t he just make new Adam and Eve in a first place? He knew the design and the process of making. Just this time, put the tree of knowledge out of their reach and never even mention anything about it to them… Instead, he chose a virgin (god is all-knowing but still to make sure), impregnated her (imagine virgin’s surprise and horror while realizing that something’s growing inside her) and reproduced himself.
Let me enlighten you: 
With this complicated and long lasting plot, set in an ancient past, without clear causality or logical system, full of bloodshed and corruption, that god designed to show us all these circumstantial proofs of his existence, god taught us a lesson of love.
that whosoever believeth on Him, shall not perish, but have everlasting life."
*For which hypothesis, as a proof, see all above-mentioned.
(John 3:16) If you will repent of your sins and put your trust in Jesus,
What happened with the courtroom and my imaginary trial? Haven't I said that I was innocent? No one is dragging me out of the courtroom for any imaginary crimes. No chance for it.  Why am I still a part of this analogy?
And in anyway, I don’t like the idea that other people are offered same kind of deal under same jurisdiction competent in my case.
God says
He will not join us for this session. In fact, he is usually not joining us to speak for himself. But he speaks to us in our heads regularly and we are here to speak for him in his absence.
he will forgive all your sins and grant you the gift of everlasting life.
Aaaall your sins. Even if you raped your mama.
He’ll even forget the fact that you didn’t love him before, along with smaller crimes such is cutting someone’s head off. ‘He’ IS very humble and grateful in fact.
Just like the court case we just talked about, if you repent (that means to confess and forsake your sins)
Where in fact was that mentioned in the courtroom example? The confessing sins part? There was a mention of some serious crimes. And there was a mention of a large amount of money. How did the crimes I didn't commit become sins? And how the money turned into confession? 
And again, how does this analogy apply if I am not guilty for crimes I have been accused for? Does the guy still have to bail me out? And if yes, why?
and put your trust in Jesus,
Fine. Show me the guy, I want to see his $500 000. If he has that money ready for me, maybe we don’t have to give them to the judge. 50-50. Tell him that’s my offer.
then you will not have to suffer God's justice in Hell
As in a bottom line it’s not about the justice and whose fault is it, but about monetary payment that god requires.
because the payment for your crimes was made by Jesus on the cross.
And what does Jesus get in that deal? Your ‘thank you’ next time you meet? Don’t fool yourself – he is sitting on his father right side and judging whether you love him enough to pray and share your earnings with us.
So, you know now what you have to do. Now prove it!
If you're not sure what to pray, read Psalm 51,
No. It doesn’t talk about injustice in the world, billions dying of medically preventable deceases, pollution that is threatening to extinct some living species or the suffering of oppressed communities around the world. No. It asks from god: Forgive ME and give ME.
and make it a model for your prayer.
…. Forgive me bla, bla, bla… now give me bla, bla, bla… Like this?
The words are not "magical,"
Most likely you will not be getting any feed backs; at least at first and until you stop all other activities. Then you might start hearing what ever you can imagine. So don’t worry for the absence of the result.
what God cares about
is that you satisfy him first. And keep satisfying HIM until you die – then he will pay your damages if we happen to be right. 

More important for god then whether you have burned few villages or smaller cities along with their populations
is the attitude of your heart.
Miss Universe couldn’t complain to that treatment!

This all doesn't require too much effort either. What you need to do is to make a brake now and then in your usual criminal offensive duties and perform a conversation with god by talking to yourself, alias to pray.
When you pray, it should sound something like this, "Dear God, I repent of all my sins, such as (name them).
OK. For instance: … “such as murder, rape, armed robbery...”
I put my trust in Jesus Christ as Lord (to say Jesus is your Lord means you are now making Jesus the master over your life)
Thus how you will accomplish two things:
1. Dislocate your crimes from the context of free will while deciding to believe that it is not possible to have it (free will) you being servant to the master.
2. Clear your self from responsibility for anything that you do and/or happens to you in the future
Rather cool, isn't it?
and Savior.
And if you are buying it until this point you most certainly need one to save you from the claws of your own illiteracy and affection for fantasy
Forgive me and grant me your gift of everlasting life. In Jesus' name I pray.
Awesome! Simple words, easy to memorize and reproduce. Not at all nuclear physics or cellular biology that you have to study, research, experiment and all. And for what? For nothing.
Not even then
would you be able to say
that you have learned 

it all.
That’s it? That’s all? No “Please help the pore and oppressed, empower them and give them support to rise and dissent”? No “Take power away from the tyrants” or “Stop human trafficking and pre-puberty rape”?
That was easy. I mean that was REALLY easy.

No worries. Pre-puberty rape case is being taken care for by ministries of all the gods. It's called child-marriage.
Now read your Bible daily, and obey what you read. God will never let you down.
...na, na, na, na, na, na...
A? What? There's more? A. Read bible daily... o... ok... even more?!
What should you read? We suggest that you start in the book named "John,"

If you are worried that there will be too much to read for free, then you must have learned the wrong meaning of the word ‘book’. The book named “John” contains only about three pages. For clarity we are considering renaming it as “Little Johny”.

and then read the one named "Romans."

Slightly shorter then the one named “John”

Whatever you decide to read,

What ever? How about the book “The Origin of Species”? 
Oh, ‘what ever’ was related to the two books suggested above? Good. Not much to think and search.

make sure you read every day.

If you are a slow reader it will take for you at most 15 minutes to read trough both of them every day.

No, you will not understand much and it will not make any sense from the point of view of the contemporary life; and it doesn’t contain instructions in how to deal with any rational problem; yet, it will introduce you to some characters and their relations which is (as hard to believe as it might be) a solution for every problem.

Now, as we are clear with the clarity part,

We now suggest that you read "Save Yourself Some Pain" which contains 10 very important steps for new and growing Christians.

Let’s just mention here one of the ‘steps’ suggested in a ‘book’.

When you became a Christian, you stepped right into the heat of an age-old battle. You have a three-fold enemy--the world, the flesh, and the devil.

You know, of course, how you are supposed to treat the enemy, don’t you? It’s you or them, isn’t it?

Now as last (for free) 'but not least' 

Please also listen to Hell's Best Kept Secret which is a free online message that will give Biblical direction to your Christian life

(Video is about 1 hour long, and no – I didn’t watch it by the end. It’s the time of my life I am dealing here with after all…)

And meet your new idol, Reverend Ray Comfort, the popular BANANA-MAN if you haven’t met him yet…

But nevertheless...


You have completed our free online introductory course. In this way you became fully converted Christian and accredited to claim that 

“There’s nothing more important then the eternal salvation”.

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